About Us

Harbor UCLA’s team – rises up to the challenge with integrity, compassion and unity to mend wounds, heal unsteady minds and uplift patients and familys.

Harbor UCLA’s Trauma/Surgical ICU (SICU) is a 14-bed unit that specializes in caring for the unstable Level I trauma patients as well as the critically ill post-op surgical patients. Harbor-Group1

The Cardio-Thoracic Unit (CTU) is a 6-bed unit that specializes in the care of the cardiac surgery patient, ranging from open heart-valve replacement surgical patients, as well as thoracotomy patients.

The SICU and CTU are both highly specialized areas requiring strong assessment and clinical skills, outstanding critical thinking, while delivering evidence based care in the fast paced setting of trauma. Staff are prepared to deliver advanced cardiac life support at a moment’s notice while also considering what could be done to best support the patients’ families in their most challenging of times.

We are an excellent team of nurses, we work hard and care about what we do, it shows in the quality of care that we provide. – Mariah, RN

harbor (24 of 5)We are experts in a wide variety of treatments and technologies in the critical care setting such as hemodynamic and cardiac monitoring systems, mechanical ventilation, vasopressors and antiarrthymics therapies, continuous renal replacement therapy, intra-aortic ballon pumps, intracranial pressure monitoring as well as many other advanced ICU treatments and devices.


Under the leadership of our Nurse Manager, Laura Santana, and unit directors Dennis Kim MD and David Plurad MD, our professional staff incorporates the latest evidenced based health care in the SICU and CTU.


The Surgical/Trauma ICU and CTU staff are committed to providing the highest quality Fernando-elenamultidisciplinary care to both our patients and families. A collaborative team of registered nurses and advanced practice nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, case managers, social workers, dietitians and pharmacists all work together to provide quality care driven by best practice. The use of this multidisciplinary approach enables us to achieve optimal results and is a source of satisfaction for both patients and staff.


Preserving the trust of our patients, families, and colleagues begins with the responsibility of being adequately prepared for the tasks ahead. The SICU and CTU staff continously strive to obtain accredited trauma and critical care certification for nurses such as:

  • AACN Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification (CCRN)
  • Advanced Trauma Care for Nurse (ATCN)
  • Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)
  • LA County Critical Care Certification


Unit based improvement projects currently are:

  • Pressure ulcer reduction plan
  • VAP/VAE reduction plan
  • Piloting Harbor’s TeamSTEPPS Program